We are an auto parts sale and automotive services company with more than 40 years of experience with operations in Mexico and the southwestern United States.

On March 1st, 2020, Frontera Radiators merged with Whole Auto Parts (WAP) to create an even better organization in order to serve our customers and expand our reach in the global market. WAP has been a leading supplier of premium auto parts for the auto repair providers in our region and bringing these two companies together allows us to increase our focus and support in what matters most: our customers.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and Frontera Radiators and WAP coming together helps us continue to meet that standard. We will continue delivering the same quality parts and best prices that have helped us earn your trust for over 40 years, and we promise to the one stop for all your auto parts and services needs. As always, we strive for timely, quick service and delivery, and our customers will always be our number one priority.



Points of sale


Service centers


Distribution centers


Delivery vehicles


Lift trucks



9,950 m2

Combined warehouse space


FRONTERA Radiators and Whole Auto Parts focus is expanding its presence in the auto parts and automotive services market, as well as business units. Striving to be a profitable and recognized company in its industry, which offers the best products and services at competitive prices in the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, and other regions such as Texas and New Mexico. We work to exceed expectations of our value chain, including our customers and suppliers and to continue our commitment to offering excellent service to our clients and opportunities for our employees.


The vision of FRONTERA Radiators and Whole Auto Parts is to reach the national market in the United States of America through a greater number of our own branches and brands. Through constant consumer analysis, implementation of new technologies, personnel training, and constant research and development, Frontera will be recognized as a leading and innovative company thus achieving profitability and improvement over a period of 5 years.

Company Values


In Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts truth is promoted as a basic tool to generate confidence and the credibility of the company, both internally and externally.


In Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts the integration of every member of the company to the team is sought to promote better results thanks to a positive environment.


In Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts life is too short to not love what you do, why you do it and with whom you do it.


In Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts we offer excellent products and services. It is essential to improve the productive processes and the operations of the company, to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Social Responsibility

Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts contribute to improve the living conditions in the areas where we are established and to promote initiatives that contribute positively to the community.


In Frontera Radiators and Whole Auto Parts it is important to respect the business hours, but above all being punctual with customers.

Quality Policy

FRONTERA Radiators and Whole Auto Parts offer supply and distributing services as well as corrective/preventive maintenance services of the cooling system. We are committed to exceed the expectations of our value chain and provide an excellent service. The continuous improvement is achieved through the constant consumer analysis, implementation of new technologies and personnel training. This will allow us to achieve our goals, faster and more accessible services and guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.